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Ryan Leaver is a leading physiotherapist serving North Vancouver, the North Shore, West Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver region.  In this North Vancouver based physiotherapy practice, Ryan Leaver Physiotherapy provides patient centered care to athletes and active residents, where you receive one on one treatments to help you get back to doing the things you love pain free.

Injuries are assessed and treated using biomechanical principles to ensure that not only are the symptoms abolished, but that we can also affect the root cause of your injury. Patients are taught how to rehab and recover through evidence-based methods, using education, home exercise programs, manual therapy, movement re-training, taping and modalities. 

Additionally, Ryan’s strong relationships with the medical community, including the leading sports medicine practioners in the region, provides our patients with enhanced patient care where getting you back to doing the things you love pain free is our central focus.

We are located in the heart of North Vancouver, just off of Lonsdale Avenue (corner of 16th Street & Lonsdale Avenue) in the HSBC building.

Our list of services include:

Common Ailments we treat:


Ryan is a respected sports Physiotherapist with 9 years of experience in the field.   His education includes a Doctorate, as well as two Post Doctoral fellowships in Sports Medicine with the American Physical Therapy Association and their Sports Physical Therapy Section. He has also completed the highest level Diploma with Sports Physiotherapy Canada. Ryan works with all levels of athletes (as well as non-athletes), all types of joints and injuries, and has a particular interest in injuries of the hip and knee. He also provides two specialty services: professional bike fitting and return to play on field physiotherapy.

Ryan has spent 7 years in Vancouver covering many roles, mainly at UBC working with private patients, varsity Athletes, National Level athletes, and Professional athletes while he was the Vancouver Whitecaps II Head Therapist. He has 5 years experience in professional sports in lead roles as Head Therapist and Head Physical Therapist.

Ryan believes in using evidence-based treatment approaches to treat each patient individually, to help them return to performing in their sport and daily activities pain free. Read More >>

patients can book two ways, Please note there is no receptionist to book appointments:

By Phone

If you would prefer to speak with me in person, I can be reached at 604-442-1721. Please leave a message, and I will return your call to book an appointment.


When you book online for the first time you will be asked to “sign up”, this will require a username and password (please keep for future bookings). To do this you can follow the “Book Now” link on this website. You will also be prompted to fill out an Intake Form at this time.

Sessions are usually performed in increments of 15 minutes, starting at 30 minutes minimum for a follow up appointment, and up to 90 minutes as needed. New injuries requiring assessment will need at least 45 minutes in order to assess and treat appropriately. 

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45 min initial assessment session

for Standard initial assessment appointment or to assess a new injury for an existing patient $125

30 min Follow up session

for Standard follow up appointment for treatment and home exercise prescription $80

45 min follow up session

for Longer follow up appointment for treatment involving more than 1 area, home exercise prescription, or increased one on one gym time $110 

60 min session

for Initial Assessment, New Injury or Subsequent visit For those needing more time, for complicated cases, or multiple areas of injuries (limited to 3 areas) $165

90 min Assessment and bikefit session

During this assessment and bike fit your injury and cycling history as well as your cycling goals will be reviewed. Your riding technique and current bike fit will be assessed using laser level analysis of pedalling biomechanics, and other biometric measurements of crucial angles involved in professional bike fitting. These measurements are used understand the root cause of symptoms you may be experiencing.   Necessary bike fit adjustments will then be made to your road bike, and exercises and treatment will provided as indicated to address impairments in your cycling form and musculature. You do not necessarily need to be experiencing pain to have a bike fit, the bike fit also optomizes joint angles of your body on your bike to increase performance and help reduce fatigue while cycling. $195 

MSP teleplan 

The BC Medical Services Plan will partially fund 10 Physiotherapy visits per calendar year ($23) for those who qualify (based on household income). Your Eligibility can be confirmed on your first visit. The user fee is $25 less than the typical user fee.

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Suite #201 - 101 West 16th St.
North Vancouver, BC V7M 1T3

Phone: 604-442-1721


Located above HSBC Bank at 16th/Lonsdale, the entrance is off of 16th St., on the Second Floor.

The clinic is located within the offices of Dr’s. Bovard, Hayton, Edmunds, and Lebrun.



There is plenty of street parking. However during busy times, pay parking is available across Lonsdale below the City Market.

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