45 min initial assessment session

for Standard initial assessment appointment or to assess a new injury for an existing patient $125

30 min Follow up session

for Standard follow up appointment for treatment and home exercise prescription $80

45 min follow up session

for Longer follow up appointment for treatment involving more than 1 area, home exercise prescription, or increased one on one gym time $110 

60 min session

for Initial Assessment, New Injury or Subsequent visit For those needing more time, for complicated cases, or multiple areas of injuries (limited to 3 areas) $165

90 min Assessment and bikefit session

During this assessment and bike fit your injury and cycling history as well as your cycling goals will be reviewed. Your riding technique and current bike fit will be assessed using laser level analysis of pedalling biomechanics, and other biometric measurements of crucial angles involved in professional bike fitting. These measurements are used understand the root cause of symptoms you may be experiencing.   Necessary bike fit adjustments will then be made to your road bike, and exercises and treatment will provided as indicated to address impairments in your cycling form and musculature. You do not necessarily need to be experiencing pain to have a bike fit, the bike fit also optomizes joint angles of your body on your bike to increase performance and help reduce fatigue while cycling. $195 

MSP teleplan 

The BC Medical Services Plan will partially fund 10 Physiotherapy visits per calendar year ($23) for those who qualify (based on household income). Your Eligibility can be confirmed on your first visit. The user fee is $25 less than the typical user fee.