Sports Physiotherapy / Sports injuries

Are you an injured athlete?  Are you recovering from a surgery and unsure of how you will be able to return to your previous athletic performance levels?  Do you have a recurring injury that just won’t go away?  Is all of this keeping you from the sports and activities you love? As a Sports Physiotherapist, I can help. 

My experience as a former professional soccer player and scholarship athlete in the NAIA, has provided me with the first hand experiences of recovering from injuries and trying to improve athletic performance, this is actually what inspired me to become a Sports Physiotherapist.  This experience has allowed me to be attune to the human body, human biomechanics, mechanisms of injury, and understanding of the variables within sports that can cause injury and re-injury.

Additionally my extensive experience as a professional team Sports Physiotherapist, and Strength and Conditioning Coach working with University, International and Professional teams, which has educated me in the many variables involved in Sports Medicine and competition. Where we can risk competition while injured and when we can’t.  I understand the importance of communication with team staff in order for the athlete to have a support team around their injury and make sure the patient’s safety is the primary focus in our decision making process.

If you are unsure if you are able to play or of diagnosis, leave it to the medical professionals to help you. Use the link below to book an appointment or reach out at to speak with me directly at 604-442-1721, let’s get you back to doing the sports you love.