Return to Play / On Field Training

Have you been struggling to return to competition from a long term injury or from a recent surgery, such as an ACL Reconstruction?

Are you coming back from a long rehab period or time out of your sport? Maybe you’ve torn a ligament, Fractured a bone or ruptured a muscle, and are unsure of when it is safe to return to competition?

Have you tried to return and find that your time out has affected your performance?

I have an “On Field’ program that is tailored for these situations.

My experiences as a former professional soccer player, professional team Sports Physiotherapist, and Strength and Conditioning Coach has provided me with first hand experiences of recovering from catastrophic injuries and trying to improve athletic performance. This experience, along with a keen interest in sports performance has heightened my knowledge of human biomechanics in high speed dynamic motion, the mechanisms of injury that occur at these high level activities, and understanding how to manipulate the variables within high speed sports to keep you uninjured, during your late stages of rehab.

My ‘on field’ practice centers around these post-operative injuries and has been honed and refined through years of experience working with professional, elite, and competitive athletes, including the Vancouver Whitecaps (MLS), Idaho Steelheads (ECHL), CFL, MLB, NCAA, and U Sports. Currently it is the adopted return to play protocol for our UBC Thunderbirds.

This aspect of my practice involves end stage training to return the competitive athlete back to training and game play, safely. Communication with the coaching staff is crucial at this point and will be guided by myself to ensure we are returning to fitness as soon as possible while mitigating the risk of re-injury. Athletes can expect to be re-integrated with their teams as soon as possible, with prescription of modified activities to supplement their training. The On Field program will also provide you with the confidence that you have responsibly completed full rehab by using the latest in objective measurements to prove you are in fact ready to get back in the game. The literature is out there, and on field rehab is a proven, necessary step in reducing re-injury rates amongst competitive athletes.

Don’t “go it alone” your rehab process has been a long, trying time in your athletic career, let’s ensure that the most important last step is left up to the medical professionals rather than the coaching staff. 

Contact Ryan directly at 604-442-1721 to discuss whether these services are right for you.