Bike Fitting

As an avid cyclist myself, I understand the importance of having a professional bike fitting, in fact I believe it is a key component to ensuring you have a solid, injury free season. Additionally, when your bike is fit professionally, performance is improved and fatigue is reduced to enable you to cycle longer in the saddle and stronger through the cranks.

During our assessment and bike fit, I will review your injury history, cycling profile, and your cycling goals. Your riding technique and current bike fit will be assessed using laser level analysis of pedalling biomechanics, and goniometric measurements of crucial angles involved in your pedal stroke, and body position on the bike. These measurements are used to understand the root cause of symptoms you may be experiencing.  Necessary bike fit adjustments will then be made to your road or commuter bike, and exercises and treatment will provided as indicated to address impairments in your cycling form and musculature. You do not necessarily need to be experiencing pain to have a bike fit, the bike fit also optimizes the joint angles of your body on your bike to increase performance and help reduce fatigue while cycling.

If you have recently purchased a new bike; are experiencing pain while biking; don’t feel as comfortable on your bike as you believe you should then I can definitely help you get to where you need to be.